My name is Martin Truu Thorzen.

I have a Bachelor Degree of Science at the University of Gotland. I released my first game back in early 2003 (so over 20 years in the industry) and now I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Unity and before that I was Lead Technical Artist at Ubisoft Singapore Studio. I have a passion for helping people.

At unity I am working as a Tools, Workflows, UX engineer in the Universal Rendering Pipeline team. Making tools for millions of users of Unity. I also helped out the Unity Shadergraph team.

My job as a Lead Technical Artist:

Be the bridge between Artists and Programmers.

Developing the Technical Artists in our studio.

Improving and maintaining the art pipeline.

Solving problems and creating tools and scripts in C#, Python and some C++.

Streamlining the integrating of art into the Engines and enhance the workflow for Artist and Level Designers.

Optimizing art assets to fit the budget of the target platform.

Teaching the Artists and Level Designers how to best work with our engine.

Having our tools and workflows properly documented and keep it up to date.

Here I was supporting 3D Artists, Level Designers, Effects Artists, Lighting Artists with tools and daily support.

Before this I was working on the Witcher 3 and enhancing the RED Engine with new tools and pipelines.

I have also helped out in developing and forming CryEngine with new tools and workflows, always thinking about the users experience.

During my spare time I am using Unity and making my own iPhone game. I am also designing my own board games.


I had the privilege to give a GDC talk which you can see here.

Content Optimization Pipeline For An Open World Game

I have also had some articles written by me and some written about the work I have done (not written by me).

The Future Of Game Development Technology (Written by me)

How Big Data Saved The Open World Of Witcher 3 (Not written by me but features my work)

The Way Big Data Can Save Your Game (Not written by me but features my work)